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An intriguing exploration into the enigmatic, often tumultuous life of a highly creative musician. Jackie Paris never received appropriate acclaim or recognition while he was alive, and this documentary serves as a compelling epitaph.

- Todd David Schwartz, CBS

Paris, a singer's singer who toured with Charlie Parker and recorded for Charles Mingus, had all the equipment: a dancer's rhythm, elegant phrasing and a timbre somewhere between Chet Baker and Paul Anka. But he sabotaged himself and, if not for DeFelitta, might have disappeared entirely. In an era when every false move seems to be on tape, and artists can release new records decades after they're dead, Jackie Paris was a phantom, who might have become a myth. DeFelitta puts flesh on the man, in a movie that's an archeological dig in swingtime.

- John Anderson, NY Newsday, 12.07.07
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'Tis Autumn: The Search for Jackie Paris
Part adoring fan letter, part meditation on the elusive nature of fame and success, part investigative piece, " 'Tis Autumn: The Search for Jackie Paris" is a music documentary of uncommon richness. Although roughly hewn in its elements, Raymond De Felitta's portrait of a legendary jazz singer who flirted with the big time before lapsing into obscurity is fascinating.

-Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter, 12.11.07
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Just like jazz/blues as a musical form, the film counterbalances life's sorrows and pain with a measure of joy, equanimity and triumph.

-Bruce DeMara, The Star, 8.15.08
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50's Star Sings Again
Like the maker of similar documentary "Stone Reader,"
De Felitta (who has directed a couple of narrative films) is determined to restore Paris' work to public view. Based on the many delightful samples on the soundtrack, it's an exemplary goal.

-Lou Lumenick, NY Post, 12.07.07
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New York Times Critic's Pick
A Very Late Comeback

Part tribute, part musical mystery, “ ’Tis Autumn: The Search for Jackie Paris” shines an overdue spotlight on a great who got away.

-Jeanette Catsoulis, NY Times, 12.07.07
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Jackie Paris Variety : Sundance 2006
Uncovering why a great be-bop jazz singer fell into near-total obscurity is only one accomplishment of Raymond De Felitta's magnificent and moving "'Tis Autumn: The Search for Jackie Paris." De Felitta seems a born documaker. He brilliantly constructs a tale born of a genuine love of jazz and a need to understand how Paris went from sensation to footnote in a generation. Pic will be essential viewing for jazz fans, but also could attract a wider aud if billed as an emotional mystery story. A swinging vid life is assured.

Bob Koehler, Variety, 1.27.06
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All That Jazz
With so many movies to see at Sundance, I have to skip most documentaries to focus on narrative features. But I’m glad I got a chance to see Raymond De Felitta’s super “' Tis Autumn: The Search for Jackie Paris.’’ DeFelitta, who directed the 2001 Sundance narrative gem “Two Family House’’ (check it out on video) spent years investigating why Paris, a singer's singer who was regarded as one of the top singing talents in the 1950s, slipped into obscurity. The documentary includes footage De Felitta shot of Paris performing just before his death in 2004.

Lou Lumenick, NY Post Online, 1.26.06

Fundance at Sundance '06
Tis Autumn–The Search for Jackie Paris is neither just a biography nor merely a tribute. It is the poetic rejuvenation of the career of an artist who led a life worth remembering.

John Cooper, deconstructingSundance.com, 1.28.06
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Southside Film Festival, Day By Day
Sundance, Half Way Over
"So now this film stands as a memorial to this musical great, and with any luck it will get the respect it deserves, find some distribution, and maybe convince those in the music industy to rerelease some of Paris's catalog. LOVED this film, and hope to screen this at SouthSide!!!"

Jeffrey Riedy, southsidefilm.blogster.com, 1.24.06
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'Tis Autumn
De Felitta makes a strong case for Paris’s greatness simply by cramming the soundtrack with cuts from the singer’s sporadic five-decade discography. Revealing a voice a little like Chet Baker, but larger and more controlled, his version of “Skylark” says all that needs to be said.

Andy Klein, LA City Beat, 3.20.08
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Jazz Singer Never Caught Big Break
Nothing gets a jazz aficionado's juices flowing like the discussion of those not-quite legends whom fate and an uncaring public consigned to the cutout bins. There's a thrill in discovering an unsung genius. Raymond De Felitta's " 'Tis Autumn: The Search for Jackie Paris" takes a personal interest in the late vocalist, whose career seems like an endless string of bad breaks.

Sam Adams, Los Angeles Times, 3.21.08

'Tis Autumn' looks for old-time jazz man Paris
Film pulls acclaimed singer from fading history

Veteran filmmaker Raymond De Felitta's first feature documentary film "'Tis Autumn The Search for Jackie Paris" captures the essence of a sweeping jazz tone poem.The art of this highly poignant and very human tale involves questions of overtones and undertones and the mystery of whether or not true genius responds to rational analysis.

Jay Meehan, The Park Record, 1.28.06
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Jersey Jazz Reviews
'Tis Autumn is a fascinating and completely engaging film. While it will be of primary interest to jazz fans, this exceptional film should also appeal to those who admire fine documentary film making.

Joe Lang, NJJS Committee Chair, 0.06
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Movie Review
Interweaving sound bytes from his records and dapper black-and-white photographs, De Felitta composes a lovely tribute to Paris. He meticulously researches his life and anecdotes, and picks apart each detail with a discerning eye.

Abby Weingarten, Herald Tribune, 4.3.06
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Documentary Sheds Light On Neglected Jackie Paris
"a compelling investigation..."

Aaron Cohen, Downbeat, 6.06
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De Felitta’s devotion to his subject is instrumental in getting to the bottom of many aspects of Paris’ life.

Pete Vonder Haar, FilmThreat.com, 1.27.06